Windbrokers, September 2014 (English)

11th September 2014

Four Vestas V52 available!

Recently, Windbrokers has purchased five Vestas V52 turbines from Mehuken wind farm in Norway. These turbines have been running since 2001 and are to be replaced by Multi-Megawatt turbines. Two weeks ago all five V52 turbines were dismantled!

Wind farm Mehuken is situated in the south-west of Norway. The wind farm consist of five Vestas V52/850 and eight Enercon E70/2300 wind turbines. Mehuken is developed and operated by Kvalheim Kraft AS.

Before dismantling the turbines have been technically inspected by the Dutch company TeSuCon. The dismantling started at mid-August and was finalized last week of August.

Actually there are four wind turbines left for sale. These are stored at the sea port of Maloy, Norway. One is sold to Poland. All four wind turbines can be supplied with a 49 hub-height. We have the possibility to supply two turbines with a 65 meter hub-height!

For further information, please call Henk van den Bosch on +31 344 700 220